Where do I find my downloads?

After you complete your purchase all of your downloads will be available for you by visiting your account and going to your ‘downloads’ section.

What if my file doesn’t download or work correctly?

Sometimes files can corrupt or download incorrectly due to internet drops or download speed issues. If that seems to have happened to you, send us a message and we will help you out. Please have your order # or PCM Plus membership info handy!

Can I subscribe to the whole library?

Yes! A full-access subscription is available as a part of our Memberships. Not only will you get access to all current and new media on sermonseriesdesigns.com, but you will also get real human support from our team.

How often do you add new designs?

You will find new content added every week. While we don’t have a set number of designs per week, we do try to add relevant, timely, and trending designs that we think will add value to our community no matter the season. 

What is included in a standard template?

Our standard templates include an editable Photoshop source file that includes 5 editable sizes: HD slide, Square Image, Story Image, FB Cover Photo and a Blank Notes Slide. We use Smart Objects to quickly & easily update files!

*Fonts are not included but we use mostly free fonts from Adobe, Google, free font repositories or affordable options from Tooolkit or Creative Market.

Can I get a refund for my purchase?

Because the products we offer are digital and cannot be returned, your purchase is only eligible for a refund in the following situations:

  • You purchased the same product more than once accidentally. We’ll gladly refund you for the duplicate purchase(s). Click on the chat icon to get in touch with us!
  • There is a technical problem with the product that we cannot resolve after becoming aware of the issue. Please try and contact us with specific information about the technical issue and we will do our best to resolve the situation ASAP. Note: Products with alleged technical issues will only be eligible for a refund when sufficient information is provided regarding how the error was created and we have confirmed that we cannot resolve the issue. 

Refunds are NOT eligible in situations such as:

  • You (or your client) no longer need the purchased product.
  • You found another product you like better, or you’ve changed your mind about your purchase.
  • You don’t have sufficient expertise to use the product.
  • You don’t have the correct software (such as Photoshop and/or Canva) to open and edit the product. Software requirements may be listed one of several ways, including “Compatible with” information below the product screenshot, file type, or product description, listed in the the basic info on the site at membership or elsewhere.
  • You bought an item on accident, and our system shows that the product was downloaded.
  • You feel that the item is of low quality.
  • You are having trouble downloading the product because your internet is not fast enough, is not stable, cannot handle a large download, or similar issues related to your internet service.  
  • You claim the item is experiencing a technical issue, but are unable or unwilling to provide sufficient evidence for the technical issue.
  • You find out that the templates don’t have what you need (such as fonts, vector elements, etc.).

All digital sales are final. Refunds are at the sole discretion of Sermon Series Designs. For more information on refunds go here.

What programs do I need to use Sermon Series Designs?

We try to make our files as user-friendly as possible. The main editable files are Photoshop PSDs which require Adobe Photoshop or a PSD-compatible program (like Affinity). All of our files have editable text! We use Smart Objects for editing quickly & easily. To learn how to use them go here.

We also include some Canva templates and design tools that utilize different programs and will be noted in their product descriptions.

If you are unsure, contact our team and we can help you figure out what you need!

Where do I find the fonts I need?

We use both free and paid fonts in our designs. When opening a file in Photoshop, it will tell you in your text panel the name of the font used. If you would like alternative suggestions to some of our paid fonts, please reach out to our team. We are happy to help!

Can I request a custom design or change?

On every template, there is a “Customize For Me” button where you can fill out a form and we will retitle and update a design for you. We also have a Custom Edits Membership plan if you would like to get unlimited retitles from our team!

Where are my receipts/invoices?

Your invoices can all be found by logging into your account and going to your orders/invoices section. If you need an invoice emailed to you, please contact us.

Where are the licensing terms of Sermon Series Designs?

All of our files are licensed for personal-use only. Memberships include streaming & web licenses. For commercial or extended-use licenses for design elements, visit Tooolkit.com. For other licensing options or questions, please contact us.

Can I use images, design elements, photos, templates or any other digital content from your site in any kind of AI software?

No, neither purchased products or memberships allow for AI use of any content from our site. All images on Sermon Series Designs are copyright and cannot be used in any kind of AI (artificial intelligence) software (such as, but not limited to Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Canva Text to Image, OpenAI, etc) . We also forbid “scraping” or anything else deemed as unauthorized use of our images for purposes not already described as eligible in our terms and conditions.

What if I need to cancel my subscription?

All memberships are a 1-year commitment and can be purchased either annually or broken up into 12-month installments (paid monthly).

  • Annual members can cancel their subscription at any time.
  • Monthly members can cancel anytime after they have met the minimum 12 month first year period (you can check the # of periods your have left in your account.) Note: Early Cancellations can be requested within the first year but are subject to an early cancellation fee. Please contact us and fully describe your situation and reason for needing to cancel early.

Membership cancellation will result in automatically losing all access to the site and all of the downloads in your account which can only be accessible again with a new membership. For more information on cancellations go here.

Can I get a refund for my subscription?

All memberships are a 1-year commitment and can be purchased either annually or broken up into 12-month installments (paid monthly). Below are more details regarding refund eligibility:

  • You are eligible for a refund if your subscription is within the 3-day trial period and you have not downloaded more than 3 graphics. We offer a grace period for new members to test out a template to ensure it works for them. Once the trial days and/or download limit is reached a refund is no longer eligible and users will be subject to the full terms of their membership. Activation and Sign-Up Fees are Non-Refundable.
  • Subscription refunds are NOT allowed in the following situations: 
    • You are past the trial period or download limit of your subscription.
    • You need a partial refund (such as for an annual subscription if you cancel earlier than your full-year term). 
    • You don’t use the subscription or don’t deem it valuable.
    • You don’t know how to use the templates or lack the software to use them after the initial trial period has passed.
    • You are a Church Media Squad subscriber and you accidentally signed up for a paid plan. Squad members are responsible for ensuring their membership was set-up properly and can only ask for refunds from Church Media Squad.

All subscription sales are final. Refunds are at the sole discretion of Sermon Series Designs. For more information on refunds go here.

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