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All Access Plus Custom Edits Monthly

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Get instant access to our entire library & custom edits from our expert design teams!

+ Get premium access to all of the graphics, photos, and templates in our library.

+ Access our expert design team for custom changes on any designs.*

+ Add your logo, change the title, add dates, locations, and times for events, or re-size designs for social media.

+ 3-day turnaround time, so you get what you need on time.


Powered by Church Media Squad, get access to a team of design pros who will help you customize your sermon series designs every month with custom changes such as retitles, adding text/dates/logos, resizing for screens, or print, and more!

*Please note: Large-scale print customizations, major redesigns, or completely custom designs are not included. Design requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Projects not included can still be requested from our team.

$159.00 / month

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